The Spark in Me

The Spark in Me
written and illustrated by Miguel Tanco

A follow up to the bestselling Count on Me, this narrative non-fiction title will light a spark not only in aspiring scientists, but in anyone who looks at nature with curiosity and creativity.

If the galaxy is packed with stars… why is it so dark? If water is transparent, why is snow white? Could I walk on the ceiling? Could I get to school blowing a giant bubble? These are just a few of the questions that the young protagonist in this story asks out loud. To find the answers, this book will take readers through black holes, travelling at the speed of sound, going in orbit and floating on paper boats, discovering the easy-to-understand yet fascinating principles of physics.

Rights sold:
North America: Tundra Books, 2024
Spain: Editorial Libre Albedrio, 2024
Korea: Flying Star Books, 2024

If you are an international publisher interested on this book click here: I WANT TO SEE A COMPLETE PDF


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