Meeting & Workshops

School Meetings

I love to share part of my process or to work with kids on schools and work with the kids on a workshop for their age. I have different proposals depending on the age, space time and number of kids.  Just ask me about the workshops and fees by email at

School Meetings online

With the new technologies I can share a presentation, reading and questions online. We couldn’t mess up with the colors but we could use other ways to have fun and talk about stories and images.


I usually prepare a visual presentation about the book by talking and telling a few stories and anecdotes about the book. Afterwards I do a very simple small online workshop that the teachers can later develop independently. And finally, I leave space for important questions and doubts, such as if I have a girlfriend, if I had glasses when I was little, and others.
I used to visit schools without a fee, but unfortunately there’s so much preparation involved and putting away work that I could not afford anymore. I decided to make a fee of 250 $ for one encounter of 1-1.5 hour or  500 $ for different meetings with different classes on the same day.

Just ask me about the workshops online and fees by email at

Masterclass and workshops for Art Schools

I like to work with students of art schools and share some insights about the process. I like to make this meetings very specific and talk and share about one topic like storyboarding, process of ideas, characters, composition, illustrations industry etc.

The classes could be just one day or two (masterclass) or a long path if the subject is more complicated and there’s a project involved.

Just ask me about the workshops online and fees by email at