Mr. Tiger

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Mr. Tiger by Davide Cali , illustrated by Miguel Tanco

What happens when a tough body houses a soft heart? Meet Mr. Tiger, the bravest, the strongest, the greatest wrestler in the ring. With his famous Leap of the Tiger he has defeated his formidable rivals: Black Claw, Boogeyman, Constrictor, and Blob. But outside the ring, despite the muscles and the fierce mask, Mr. Tiger is painfully shy and insecure. Speaking to the girl he’s secretly in love with seems impossible, until a loyal friend helps him out.

An ironic tale that plays with the animated imagery of wrestling to tell a deeper story about stereotypes, preconceptions, and courage.

Editions :

World English: Tate Publishing
France: Gallimard Jeunesse

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🏆 Finalist Prix des libraires Quebec 2022


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