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Mom and Me, Me and Mom by Miguel Tanco. Chronicle Books 2018

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The joy of being a mom is palpable in this touching tribute to parenthood. Whimsical illustrations capture the poignant moments that make motherhood so special: pinning up a daughter’s hair, getting messy during playtime, reading quietly side by side, and, above all, cherishing precious moments together. Bright pops of Pantone coral infuse each spread, and a cloth spine adds an irresistible specialness. At once a treasured Mother’s Day gift and a year-round “I love you,” this book will delight parents and children in a celebration of a supremely meaningful relationship. This lovely testament to the inimitable mother/daughter bond goes straight to the heart.


Editions :
 English, Italian

AgencyDebbie Bibo Agency
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“Moms get their turn in this follow-up to the author’s book about dads. Playful illustrations, comprising shades of black, gray and red set against white space, show an exuberant young girl interacting with her stylish mom. “I help you wake up …” she says, offering her dozing mom (at 5 a.m.) a cow-shaped mug. Through yoga poses — with the daughter atop her mom’s legs saying “I test your flexibility …” — and visiting a museum where the child eyeballs a water cooler (“I show you how to see things differently …”), the child enriches the mom’s experiences in joyful, unexpected ways.”
The Washington post

Tanco mostly nails it: Life is about the little things, which add up to time spent together, and what’s more important than…”

Kirkus Review

“Working in spare, scribbly lines and with Pantone coral accents, Tanco captures tender moments of discovery shared between a free-spirited mother and child, both with curly, yarnlike hair.”

Publisher Weekly

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