Little Stories

Little Stories
by Miguel Tanco

Little Stories is a joyous collection of tiny episodes and small moments in the lives of children. Each “story” is told in a comic strip format and brilliantly depicts small childhood pleasures. Wonder and discovery are at the heart of each scene in which language and adults are nowhere to be found!

Rights French: Grasset Jeunesse, Fall 2021
Rights Spanish: Editorial Albedrio, Fall 2021
Rights Italian : Fatatrac Summer 2022
Other rights are available .

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The book is funny, delicate, sensitive, recalling the magic of the childish world and the imagination of children, who can experience real adventures from nothing, or from a simple daily life. The drawing is beautiful, with a fine and fluid line, expressive and nicely colored.France Net  

“But these little stories speak for themselves in reality, they can be savored in silence and it is through their visual clarity that they speak to us. In three wordless vignettes, sometimes just one, Miguel Tanco sketches fragments of childhood.”
Le tiroir a histoires

“This album is a wonderful opportunity to converse with our 3- or 4-year-old children. An invitation to trust, to consider possibilities, to say, to invent. What if?”Lectures et Plus

The line is lively, the faces expressive. We cannot ignore the relationship with Sempé’s drawings, in a similar way to the comics but legible enough to bring children and their parents together, everyone will find what they are looking for.”
Litterature Enfantine

“This textless album is a poetry party!

It is amazing what a few illustrations can tell us, make us remember, make us feel …

A page, a title, an illustration and let’s go on a great journey!
It is all the magic of childhood, freedom, the power of imagination, the pleasure of simple pleasures that we find between these pages.

Each of these pages made me smile, reminded me of all those simple joys of when I was a child.”
Demoiselles de Chatillon

“Moments of everyday life, as children know how to transform them so well and which often become the occasion of a great adventure.”

Paris Momes

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