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Count on me, by Miguel Tanco. 2019

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A young girl sees the world differently in this beautiful picture book celebration of math.
Everyone has a passion. For some, it’s music. For others, it’s art. For our heroine, it’s math. When she looks around the world, she sees math in all the beautiful things: the concentric circles a stone makes in a lake, the curve of a slide, the geometric shapes in the playground. Others don’t understand her passion, but she doesn’t mind. There are infinite ways to see the world. And through math is one of them.
This book is a gorgeous ode to something vital but rarely celebrated. In the eyes of this little girl, math takes its place alongside painting, drawing and song as a way to ponder the beauty of the world.

Editions :
North America & Canada: Tundra Books
World English excluding North America: Tate publishing
France: Gallimard Jeunesse
Spain: Editorial Libre Albedrio
Spain: Galicia Editorial Bululu
Italy: Edizioni EL
China: Post Wave
Brasil: Grupo SM
Japan: Holp Shuppan Publications
Poland : Zygzaki

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  • 🏆 The United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) – Selected for the Outstanding International Books List -2019
  • 🏆  Mathical Prize 2020  Honor Book by Mathematical Science Research institute and Stanford University
  • 🏆 Featured in School Library Journal’s list of top 2019 Math Picture Books 2019
  • 🏆 Selected book by LA Times on  Reading by 9, a program of L.A. Times Public Affairs 2020

  • Recommended by NYPL (New York Public Library)
  • Recommended by STEAM – Math : Fiction and Nonfiction for Grades K-2
  • Recommended by LA Times on reading program




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DOWNLOAD a FREE ACTIVITY  from DREME Family Math  of Stanford University


DOWNLOAD a FREE ACTIVITY  from Sacred Heart School -Ms. Joanne & Ms. Jean




OTHER ACTIVITY BOOKS (third parties):

📖 Shape activity book from Teachers pay Teachers by Cathy’s Class (2$)

📖 Count on Me Differentiated Book Study Activities  (4.5$) by Teaching Literacy

PS: Please, If you have some activities of COUNT on Me let me know and I’ll share it!!


 🎥 Miguel Reading Count on Me


“Tanco’s writing is spare and succinct, paired with striking illustrations that are casually detailed. . . . [This book] celebrates math —band a young girl’s love for it.” Horn Book Magazine

“This gentle and exquisitely illustrated story describes one child’s path towards recognizing what she likes to do best. (…) If Count on Me doesn’t convince you to quit running in concentric circles and follow your own trajectory, I don’t know what will.”
Imaginary Elevators

“Muted watercolor illustrations by Tanco perfectly accompany the dreamy lilt of the text as the child finds ‘the perfect curve’ of the slide and launches a paper airplane. . . . A beautifully rendered love letter to math.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] book that so tenderly celebrates math – and a young girl’s love for it.” —The Horn Book
”A book that counts.”
Julie Danielson – Kirkus Reviews

“Tanco’s open, loose-lined illustrations offer visual dimension and definition . . . [and if] readers aren’t math-curious at the start, they will be by the end.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This gentle, humorous book is a thoughtful counterpoint to math anxiety.”

“A picture book that celebrates different ways of looking at the world and a useful tool for any classroom or personal library collection.”
School Library Journal

“This delightful picture book makes readers, young and old, reflect on the beauty of the world through fresh eyes . . . a great addition to any school or public library.”
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Count on Me is an inventive book that pays tribute a subject no one is ambivalent about and that shapes our surroundings in myriad ways. To math!”
This Picture Book Life

“One of the things I particularly like about the storyline is that it really is a TRULY joyful book—no one gives anyone else a hard time about their interests. In other words, this isn’t a book about a kid who has to convince people that her interests are valid or that she’s not a weirdo for liking what she likes. […] A TREASURE!”
Bookshelves of Doom

«Un album qui démontre aux enfants que suivre sa passion, c’est atteindre les étoiles» (Page des libraires).


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