You and Me, Me and You- Chronicle (text & illustrations)

You and Me, Me and You, by Miguel Tanco. Chronicle Books 2017

The wonder of being a dad is on display in this touching tribute to fathers. After all, the connection between a father and child yields a lifetime of learning and love. In You and Me, Me and You, that special bond is honored through poignant, tenderly rendered illustrated vignettes: a father and son walk together, discuss life amid a city’s bustle, play, and, perhaps most profoundly, grow, side by side. Bright pops of Pantone yellow infuse each spread with joy, and a cloth spine adds an irresistible specialness. At once a treasured Father’s Day gift and a year-round “I love you,” parents and children will delight in this celebration of a supremely meaningful relationship


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Original Title : You and Me, Me and You
Publisher :
Chronicle Books US- Editions Milan FR – Editorial Bruño SP Bruixola CAT – Wisdomhouse Publishing Co KR- CITIC Press CH
Author-: Miguel Tanco
Illustrator: Miguel Tanco
Agency: Debbie Bibo Agency
1st Edition : Abril 2017
ISBN: 1452144869
ISBN13: 9781452144863
Format: 18 x 24,5 cm
Age: +4
Pages: 36
Other editions of this book published :  English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Corean, Chinese, Israel.
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  •  Illustration selected by New York society of illustrators 59 annual and exhibit.
  •  Illustration GOLD PRIZE ASSOCIATION of ILLUSTRATOR of Los Angeles ILWEST55 2017
  •  Illustrations selected by Sharjah International Book Fair 2017





“In perfect pairings, Tanco’s spare illustrations combine with brief text to show all the joys and wonders children introduce to their parents’ lives”

“A charming reminder to stop and smell the roses with a child.”



“I’ve read a few social media posts lately about how there are not enough books featuring dads as the adult lead. I’m not sure I think that’s true, but I am all in favor of more books showing great dads (read last year’s post about 10 great books for dads to share with their kids). This new picture book celebrating dads, from Spanish author/illustrator Miguel Tanco, is wonderful for all parents to share with their kids.”

“The message of this book is profound, but not so much so that young children can’t grasp it. It’s told with tongue in cheek, as the boy outlines all the ways in which his father learns from him. As we finished reading, Bean announced, “I think the boy is really learning from the dad.” All the while, I was thinking, “Yes, I learn from my children in all these ways.””


Review: You and Me, Me and You by Miguel Tanco




“is a picture book written with adults in mind—not necessarily for subtle adult humor, but more as a message for adults with a pleasurable story for children included.

“…these little vignettes are a beautiful reminder of how our actions as adults influence and form young minds. Some of the messages made me cringe, but that’s only a sign that we should be taking the message to heart.”

Review: ‘You and Me, Me and You’



” this narrow view allows readers to experience unconditional love. It doesn’t matter why the mother / partner isn’t there, all that matters to this child — the memories he will keep — are the positive and loving ones we see in these pages. How sweet is that??”



You and Me, Me and You by Miguel Tanco is the kind of picture book that is really hard to do well, and Tanco does it very well. I have extremely high standards for picture books about the special bond parents and children share and a very low tolerance for sentimentality, of which there is none in Tanco’s book. Also, it’s just plain challenging to capture the similar but different ways that a parent loves a child and a child loves a parent. With You and Me, Me and You, Tanco marvelously, magically does this, perhaps by having the child narrate with the perspective and wisdom of an adult. The pictures tell one story, the words another, and in this I think that both children and adults will “get” and love You and Me, Me and You.

I ask you the most difficult questions . . .
and keep you in shape.
I show you how to talk to strangers . . .
and how to slow down.
I take you to places you’ve never seen . . .
and get wet with you in the rain.
Each page features half of a sentence, simply, beautifully capturing the gifts children give us, sometimes whether we want them or not, Tanco’s illustrations funny, fluid and full of expression. You and Me, Me and You is definitely a book to be given as a gift, from a parent to a child, a child to a parent or anyone who is embarking on the journey of parenthood. The small trim size makes it easy to carry with you and keep close to your heart, especially when your children grow up and travel far away.”


In a pensive reflection on father-son communication, a boy contemplates his effect on his father. “I ask you the most difficult questions,” says the child as the two pass a stray dog. At bedtime, the child offers his father “the chance to tell stories,” and when they’re navigating a thorny traffic situation on a bike, the boy reminds his elder to “choose words with care.” Tanco captures each scene in minimalistic pen-and-ink artwork accented with yellow, and the father and child’s meaningful interactions delicately suggest that, in parenting, listening and learning go both ways.



PreS-Gr 1—”Told from the point of view of a young boy, this short and simple tale perfectly illustrates a father and son’s busy day as they convert boxes and brooms into a kayak fishing adventure, then build forts with books. This title demonstrates the creative exploration that comes naturally to a child. Pencil drawings shaded in with sporadic splashes of bright yellow complement the text, which imparts the simple message that adults may benefit from slowing down the busy pace of life to jump in a puddle or two. Through the story and visuals, Tanco conveys a genuine bond between parent and child. VERDICT An additional purchase for picture book collections; this would also be an excellent keepsake gift for dads.”

—Kristen Todd-Wurm, Middle Country Public Library, NY

Copyright 2017 School Library Journal.




Hoy leemos: Tú y yo, yo y tú



“La opción por unas ilustraciones alegres y sencillas, dibujos coloreados en los que predomina un luminoso amarillo, va de acuerdo con el tono amable y nada enfático del relato. Por otro lado, es un álbum que también se puede poner como ejemplo de que los mejores álbumes para y sobre los más pequeños nacen de ideas y reflexiones cotidianas muy sencillas, o que parecen muy sencillas.”


You and Me, Me and You


You and Me, Me and You- Chronicle (text & illustrations)Miguel Tanco