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Very happy about how “Les Farfelus” is being received by librarians and bloggers in France. France Culture, national radio,  did a beautiful review on the program Les Temps des Librairie with librarian Emily Vanhée about it , they  talked about “le farfaluitè” on this charming program.

Here’s some of the others incredible reviews.


“The Farfelus spontaneous celebration, all those who have chosen to take and live as they see fit. It’s an album about small pleasures, those who make themselves happy, but also the other. Between us I am willing to bet that this is the favorite book of Amélie Poulain.”


You will perhaps know it, but I really like the editions of the Red Ants . Each publication is the opportunity of a nice surprise, funny or poetic, sometimes both. With The Wacky , the house is no exception to the rule by making us discover the delicious Miguel Tanco .

For this small album, Spanish illustrator decided to honor the wacky , these characters soft heart that our world need. Page after page, he describes their qualities (somewhat convoluted or downright chewable) with very simple sentences, which will make us all think of someone we know well …

The images of Miguel Tanco, falsely naïve, are a simply astounding accuracy. Sure, this man must be a little magician to give birth this way, with a few pencil strokes, characters that one would think they have lived a lifetime there, laid on the paper, good warm between two pages.

The album reads right side up, upside down, to leaf through, lends, offers, extends at will … but the real feat of Miguel Tanco, is to have created an album never fails to smile and tenderness than most contagious. Thank you and congratulations, Mr. Tanco, for that nugget!


Milk Magazine



“…With  line drawings in a color palette simple (yellow, blue and brown), Miguel Tanco stressed the importance of being different , sensible or eccentric and to be able to live in his own way , even in offbeat . At MilK, we fall for these poetic illustrations and finesse for this story infinitely sensitive .”



A hymn to optimism, tenderness, the daily pleasures who drop the smile, those little things that make life easier – an ode to joy ! What about others? If not thank you, thank you and thank you for this essential album, treasure , which we just whispers at your ear, do not be afraid to be ourselves, laugh only when it suits us anddance dance virevoltons do live our inner child time to time a dance of a lifetime .

” The world will always need wacky bleeding heart … “

Miguel Tanco thank you, thank the Red Ants, a thousand times thank you !”


“The wacky entitled to their album and it’s beautiful! You turn the pages googly eyes before drawing while sensitivity Miguel Tanco, a silly grin spread over his face. We love the outset that big hard tattooed caressing a lonely dog, this child away from the group to embrace a tree, couple embracing dance just because it feels good, this man who puts his step in the footprints left by other on the wet sand, the eccentric who always choose the other path …

Yes, we love the wacky, the marginalized, those beings not like the others who seem to live in a vibrant and colorful bubble. A poetic album with undeniable charm, a true hymn to happiness and small joys of everyday life … ♥ Blow of heart! ♥”


“Let the world be populated with wacky: small, large; over and over again! A fresh album, committed (as is so well publish the Red Ants !!!) shows (and demonstrates) that the world would not be what it is (…) it was inhabited more “wacky” (I want to say it like that ^^) … You know those people who make great strides not to crush p’tites corny; those people who take advantage of every moment of the present moment to testify to the life she is beautiful and precious. Because it is thanks to them, these weirdos then, that the world is so interesting, surprising, and love.

Thank you to Miguel for this beautiful album full of humanity, Ants for this beautiful book, this format that makes you want to snuggle up against you and offer it to all!”


The wacky is a soft album – all surprising that celebrates sensitive, original, those who do not follow the path mapped out and those who open their eyes. Long live the watchful, the VIVE wacky ! Long live life a bit different, long live the tiny pleasures like to reassure a plant or a tree, kissing …

The drawings the author’s fine features go hand in hand with the text sensitivity and respect, The wacky is a pretty nice album!”


“Everything in blue and yellow, this album is a rare delicacy.

The text and illustration are complementary, so that you will grasp the reach of one or the other if you look at them without stop there: put your wacky side discover every detail of these drawings that have so much to say. A poetic album

that celebrates the little quirks that we all need! “


“These people have curiously, they appear different, there is a little wacky. True, they always take a different path, laugh even when they are alone, and dance whenever they want.But you need to know is that wacky, often also have a big soft heart: they dream, embrace the trees and walk hand in hand. But who are they, these people who are not like the others?Response to the new album illustrated by Miguel Tanco, which makes a nice tribute to the so-called eccentric, wacky those without whom the world would be much less gay and poetic.”


“The world would be so much better if we were all wacky … Miguel Tanco presents these people big heart, that illuminate the lives of all by a gesture, a word. A poetic album, adorable and full of common sense, that is good. Here in the library as in the books, we are amazed!”

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